Random Fun Facts

Did you know?

In Consenza, Italy, stag party friends were curious when a stripper failed to jump out of a huge cake. Assuming she was no longer in there, they received a nasty surprise when they found her dead inside it. Gina Lalapola, 23, had suffocated after waiting for an hour inside the sealed cake.

The Icelandic Government has encouraged residents of this small country to use "green" technology. Interestingly, earlier in Iceland, 70% of the population was dependent on the supply of coal, which is imported into this country. Now the dependence of the energy sphere of Iceland on coal is only 18%. Even if coal supply does stop, Iceland will survive. By 2050, Iceland is going to get rid of dependence on coal and oil, excluding those natural resources from the economy and industry of the country.

Swimmers float in the saphirre waters of the Ik-Kil cenote, near the Maya site of Chichén Itzá in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Cenote means “natural well” in Spanish. Sinkholes occurring at sea level will fill up as high as the water table, creating the famous clear blue pools, used by the Maya royalty for both relaxation and ritual sacrifices